Lauren Steele
Film Major. Project contributor and installation facilities coordinator. Initially my first reaction upon hearing what Chatroulette was one of great excitement. I imagined it as a tool to connect with people I would have never normally encountered and on a meaningful level. Never would I have guessed that it would be so uncomfortable to start conversations and to make eye contact with people . The more I used Chatroulette, Omegle, or Shufflepeople the less I could tolerate their banality. I'm most interested in the future of Chatroulette- If it's going to be privatized, new features and developments on the website, and if it will be able to maintain it's audience.

Jehn Howard
Design and Technology major. A/S/L graphic designer, blogger, and social networker. Our preliminary Chatroulette research sparked my interest in the psychological effects of the online phenomenon on its participants. I became very interested in the screenshot “portraits” of solo video chatters waiting in anticipation (or boredom) for the moment of connection with a new stranger. I began collecting images of these expressionless faces in order to study and use them in promotional materials, as I found them to be representations of our culture’s undeniable fascination and obsession with living through virtual worlds.

Gabriela Pena
is a 23-year-old Design and Technology major. Recently, she's been looking around and realizing (with understandable despair) that almost all of her older friends have become real, true adults: they now have debts, children, gray hair; they speak of their bellies and treat politics with a cynical, all-knowing tone. The progressive types amongst them get dogs, so as to fool their biological clocks, but the rest simply go on to get surgeries, divorces, makeovers - they even become foster parents. As they try to find some sense to what they are doing, they negotiate with time and prolong the moment. Mind you, it certainly has been a while that they don't drink coffee, or stay up late, for they wake up as the sun rises, and they have already gotten married and gotten sick with gastritis, and they are presently considering – why not? - adding a couple of Nicorette gums or a poodle toy or perhaps a child from Vietnam to this to-get list. Ay, these real adult friends of hers have become vegans, marathon runners, or all of the above, and because of them - because of them! - it soon became evident to her that to continue being alive and being well is quite an odyssey. So, since to contemplate such odyssey is just too challenging and depressing and discombobulating, and as she is an escapist by nature, she goes on ChatRoulette.

Djavan Santos

19/M/San Francisco

Niki Korth
is a 23-year-old curiosity. Coming from a background in systems theory, comparative literature, symbolic logic, surrealism, continental philosophy, and their intersections in German studies and Film + Media history, she approached this project in her imagination as a mix between His Girl Friday, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel), taking place on the hybrid fantasy set of Liquid Sky meeting Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at Caligari's carnival.

She is pursuing her MFA in Film at SFAI, maintaining the brazenly personal tradition of psychedelic studies she began at the University of Minnesota where she earned her BA in German Studies and Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. Continuing her interest in the history of the novel and vernacular knowledge (and subsequently, the journey from narrative to artificial intelligence), as well as impacts of evolving storage mediums and transmission channels of (visual and somatic) information on collective and individual consciousness, her contribution to the project took the form of Administration, Writing/Copy-Editing, and Imagineering. She believes the dialogues between the inter-tangled histories of Western capitalism, Socialist dictatorships, and various forms of religious fundamentalism have been neither well moderated or well mediated despite the rapid advances in communicative technologies. Additionally, she would like to meet Andrey for any type of conversation but has not been able to reach him.

Lauran Walt Ohnesorge-Fick
Place of birth:
Tennessee, U.S.A.
5-10 (and a half)
Lawrence Kansas, USA
Brief time spent in:
Mexico City, Mexico
Spain (various cities)
Kenya (various cities)
Ireland (various cities)
Studying Now:
San Francisco Art Institute - San Francisco, California, USA
MFA Candidate 2011 (Design & Technology)
About me:
Think not, lest ye be thunk.
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